Huruma Orphanage News Report 2015

Huruma news 2015
January 15, 2015

Huruma Construction Project:
Another large construction project is currently underway at Huruma. For the past three years, there has been a growing need to build a secondary school (grades 9-12) on site. In Kenya, high school education is expensive and most students live away from home to attend secondary school. The first group of orphans to enroll in form one (ninth grade) had to leave the orphanage for boarding school. The influence of the world is strong and it was a necessity to the spiritual well-being of the children to have a ‘safe’ place to attend school. Hence, through donations of the saints, more land was purchased to build a school.



The Delmar Wilkins Memorial Fund was designated to assist with the construction of a new school. The school will be two buildings, both of which will be two stories. We are thankful that funds have been provided to build one of the buildings. We look to the Lord to supply the need in the future for the other building.




Poultry Barn Project: As part of the sustainability program at Huruma Orphanage, Africa Mission & Beyond sent funds to build a poultry barn. 200 chicks are currently on order. These chicks will be raised for the purpose of providing eggs for the children and to sell eggs to generate daily income. A small solar panel and battery were purchased to provide light and heat in the barn.




Orchard Project: In another effort to help the orphanage become more self-sufficient, seedlings were purchased from the government. An orchard of avocado, banana, and orange trees was planted in front of the orphanage.

As part of the sustainability program, as funds are provided, Africa Mission and Beyond plans to have a cow barn constructed and cows purchased. This would not only provide the children with milk to help balance their diet and lessen expenses, but the milk would also be sold to the community.

June 27, 2015

Kenya Orphanage Work: A transformer near Huruma blew, so the orphanage has been without electricity for a number of days. They are using the generator to pump water and for lights in the evening. The hand pump at the Kuria orphanage has failed and funds were sent today for that to be fixed. The children are going to the river for water. When this happened a few weeks ago at Huruma, a number of the children got sick.

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