Huruma Dolor Orphanage Trip—July 2018

In conjunction with a mission trip in July 2018 to Kenya (read more), I was at Huruma for many days. During this time, two groups, numbering eleven, traveled to Huruma from Germany under the guidance of Bro. Roman and labored building bunk beds, lockers, desks, playground equipment, etc. Three of the sisters helped the girls at the orphanage sew some new skirts. We thank God for the sacrifice and efforts of the German team.

As is often the case when I am at Huruma, there are many things that need to be purchased and repaired. Although there have been some reverses, God is taking care of the work. God is to be praised for the new classrooms in the primary section. Funds were left for the foundation of the remaining three rooms.

There has been a need for a van at Huruma for a long time and the small car broke down while I was there. In response to the need, people graciously donated funds and we purchased a vehicle in Nairobi with only 30,000 km. God bless each one who contributed.

Please pray for all of the orphans at Huruma. Many of them come from backgrounds full of disease and abuse, and they need the Lord’s healing in multiple ways. It is heart warming to see these children within a safe environment. Remember, there are still children who need a sponsor!


Kenya—Huruma Orphanage Trip—July 2018

Pictures taken in July 2018 of various projects at Huruma including the team from Germany.

Kenya Mission Trip—July 2018

Pictures taken in Kenya on a mission trip in July 2018.

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