Huruma Orphanage Update

Huruma March 2017

Dear friends and sponsors of Huruma Orphanage,

I trust that this letter finds you well and most of all encouraged in the Lord. I am frequently reminded of when Jesus looked on the multitude and was moved with compassion. That compassion motivated Him to feed the people lest they faint by the way. While the Lord is moved with compassion on the orphans, as are you, His compassion reaches all of us wherever we are in life. If you are going through a difficult time financially, physically, at work, in your home, or even spiritually, the Lord knows your name and is moved with compassion and understanding. His compassion is still motivating Him to reach down to each of us and minister to our needs. You are not alone!

I had the opportunity to spend a few days at Huruma Orphanage on a recent mission trip to the Congo and Kenya. The children are growing up and the compound continues to expand. In addition to the orphans living at Huruma, there are about 100 boarders who are attending the secondary school. God has blessed the work at Huruma and there cannot be enough appreciation extended to you for your love and sacrifice that has enabled this work to continue over the last few years.

Bro. Peter, director of the orphanage, sent a note to all the sponsors:

Dearest Brethren,
This opportunity I take an humble time to say thank you all, it is by God’s grace that the Lord gave you a sincere burden to help an orphan. Huruma Dolor children’s home could not reach where it is if not by you and by God’s grace.
Just to tell you on behalf of all the children, I say God bless you abundantly. Take all this note as a sincere appreciation. Daily, the children pray for all. Greet all your family for us and be blessed.
—Peter Ujala Akwyona

The next few months will prove to be more of a struggle for the orphanage as the crops last season were dismal. Not only did the orphanage land not yield a good harvest due to the lack of rains, the parents of the school children and the community are also struggling. This means that there is a lack of local donations to the orphanage. This condition will last until late August or September when the next maize harvest is ready.

There are several things that we attended to while at Huruma. I met with the board of directors and we had a profitable meeting. Our goal and prayer is for the orphanage to become self-sustaining. This will be an upward struggle, and may take a few more years, but with God all things are possible.

Land is very expensive in the area, but it is needful for Huruma to have more land on which to grow crops. Most of the land in the area is extremely expensive. A 14-acre plot was for sale within walking distance of the orphanage, and we started negotiations. Unfortunately, someone else offered more money than we are able to spend. Although selling at a higher price than we wanted to pay, 4 acres of very fertile land became available in the vicinity. Working with the board and others, we are in the process of purchasing this plot. Our desire is to later buy more land in the interior of Kenya, where land is much cheaper. This would be a great asset to the long-term care of Huruma.

Upon arriving home, Africa Mission and Beyond, in behalf of the Huruma project, sent funds to purchase more text books, desks, and some lab equipment. Funds were also sent to complete the ceiling in the offices at the secondary school. Equipping the lab continues to be a concern of the teachers, orphans and other students, as they are nationally tested upon their ability to practically perform in the lab. It is expensive to equip the lab, and we will continue to send funds as they are available for such. Funds, additional to the normal monthly amount, were also sent to help with food. Food prices have doubled in the last two months.

The van that has been a great blessing over the years at Huruma is now completely out of commission. God knows the timing and has the means to purchase another when the time is right.

The government has been pressuring Huruma primary school to build new classrooms. Some of the classrooms in the primary school are from the original orphanage that was built out of mud and sticks, covered with plaster. The floor in some areas is still dirt. The walls are cracking and it is in dire need of rebuilding. Most of the rooms will need to be completely torn down and rebuilt. The cost, to do it right, would be near 60K. Please pray for this need. We have started a fund for the primary school building project.

The top story of the girls dorm has been closed in and is relatively complete. The older girls are very happy and expressed appreciation to have a safe, cleaner place in which to sleep.

It is a great blessing to have seven of the recently graduated orphans return to assist at Huruma. Three of the students are teaching, one is helping the clerk, one is overseeing the food supply, and two others are helping cook and with the agricultural duties.

These children have been greatly blessed because of your vision and monthly sacrifice. Thank you for your love and most of all for your prayers. While there continue to be many needs, some very large, the Lord has done a wonderful work at Huruma through you. As we often say, for it continues to be true, “You are making a difference.”

Please continue to pray for Bro. Peter and Sis. Rhoda, all of the orphans, and for the more than 30 staff members and teachers. You are loved by these children and it is very moving to hear their expressions about their ‘parents’ (you) who make them feel cared for and loved.

May God bless you in Jesus name.


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