Huruma Primary School Update

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In October, we began construction on a new primary school building for Huruma. The old one was very dilapidated with poor lighting and many of the rooms were temporary structures where quality is concerned. This was a large undertaking of faith and with a donation which would cover 1-2 classrooms we poured the foundation for the long side of what will be an L-shaped building.

Bricks were recovered from some of the classrooms of the existing school through demolition in an effort to conserve. It was exciting to see how fast the walls went up and the building took shape.

With just a few weeks of break in classes, we were at an 11K deficit to get the school usable. Electrical, plaster for the walls, ceiling tiles, windows, doors and flooring all remained. Two donations came in as a remarkable answer to prayer enabling us to send funds to complete this portion of the school as well as to do some finishing work on the secondary school.

This puts our building account very low and there are two classrooms left to build, but we know God will provide these needs also. This school serves not only the orphans, but hundreds of local children. This building will stand for many years. Thank you for your continued interest and support of Huruma Dolor Orphanage.



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