Letter to Huruma Sponsors

Dear Friends and Sponsors, (Download PDF Letter)

Greetings to you and your family. Africa Mission & Beyond wishes you a very wonderful and blessed holiday season. On behalf of your children at Huruma Orphanage and the staff who care for them, thank you for your love and sacrifice. It is truly only because of people like you that the orphanage has grown and been able to care for so many children over the years. It was about ten years ago that I remember standing by the dilapidated mud rooms, where the orphans slept, talking to a group of orphans about their food situation. I vowed to them that night that I would do what I could to be sure they had food to eat. YOU have enabled me to keep that vow to these children, for most of them are now grown.

We currently support 18 college students, 46 high school orphans, and 35 primary school aged orphans. While the children are growing up, new children are still being brought to the orphanage. In June, a 16-year-old girl was brought to the Huruma after her drug addict father nearly killed her at her grandparents’ home. Another young boy was brought to Huruma after he was found living on the streets with no parents at all. Two brothers, Daudi and Denis, were found by the police wandering from house to house looking for food. Their father was a drug addict and their mother had lost her mind. Another girl was brought to the orphanage by the name of Princess Diana. Both of her her parents had died and she was begging for food from the neighbors until the authorities brought her to Huruma. Many of the children at Huruma have been abused and have diseases. Your sacrifice in sponsorship has allowed us to support Bro. Peter and local staff to provide a safe oasis of love where these children can hear about Jesus, have food to eat, and be educated. THANK YOU.

It has been a difficult year at Huruma as it has been for people around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been some in the area that died with COVID and it creates a lot of fear. The schools at Huruma were shut down as were all schools in Kenya by the government. However, the government required schools to still pay the teachers half pay, so this has been a big drain on our resources this year, but God has provided. The donations from the local community remain low as people are struggling in Kenya to survive with their economy also greatly affected. We have been sending more monthly funds to Huruma for food and basic sanitary supplies this year.

The government completely closed some schools and recently allowed some better prepared schools to begin teaching grades 4, 8, and 12. This was the case with Huruma. So, these three grades are in session at Huruma and the government is hoping to open up all grades in January or February. Travel within Kenya is curtailed and so I have been unable to go this year. This is the first time in many years that we have been unable to do mission work on the ground in Africa. Two of the recent college graduates are now on staff, teaching at the school. Six of the other recent graduates are helping in the office, the fields, and with electric work per their training. We are so thankful to have some educated Huruma alumni back.

Some years we have funds for improvements and maintenance, but due to the increased demands on finances, we have been unable to do that. While the orphanage fund is down, we are not in debt and God has sustained the work. We thank God. This year has not been without its challenges in working with finances and “people” issues with over 40 staff members/teachers on the compound, but the Lord has been good. Some of the children were severely sick with malaria but they are now well.

Please keep the efforts of Huruma Orphanage in your daily prayers. There are many emotional and physical needs, and we seek God for wisdom for all who have a part in helping and ministering to these children.

Thank you again for your wonderful, faithful support of these wonderful children and this work. If you ever have any questions, please reach out to us. God bless!

In love,

Michael & René Smith

All letters to orphans must be emailed as the mail will not make it to Huruma through the postal service. We cannot send Christmas Cards this year but it would be wonderful if you could send a letter by December 15 which we can send on to be printed out and given to your sponsored child.
You may email a letter to your sponsored child at sponsorship@africamission.com.

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