Kenya Mission Trip 2011

February 28, 2011

It is with a heart full of thanksgiving to the Lord that we report a blessed and successful trip to Kenya and Tanzania. This trip proved to be a different experience for me personally as my wife was able to accompany me along with my niece Nicole and Sis. Ranelle Cole. Bro. Matthew and Sis. LouCinda Gellenbeck traveled to Kenya a week before we arrived to purchase supplies and begin work at the orphanage.

We departed on February 4 for Kenya. Since our plane changed in Rome, Italy, we stayed an extra day to see some of the ‘highlights’ of the city. We saw a number of sights that had significance in church history – from the Vatican to the Colosseum to the Pantheon, and more. We walked the streets of Rome thanking God for the personal relationship that we have with the Lord.

We need not go through a priest, a group of ministers, or a church, but we can only access the Father through the Jesus Christ. Praise God. There is no other way, no other name, no other avenue to salvation but by Jesus. Men and women have hazarded their lives for this glorious gospel and many have been torn asunder by wild beasts, slain by the sword, burned at the stake – but no man or power of the enemy could quench the everlasting truth that brought salvation and hope to mankind.










We arrived at the airport in Nairobi on the evening of Feb 7 and were met by Bro. Peter. The next day we traveled for many hours to reach the orphanage in late afternoon. We were warmly welcomed by exuberant children. I was especially thankful to be back, for I was critically ill when I had left the orphanage last year. These children cried, fasted, and prayed for my healing, and God heard them.







It was wonderful to be reunited with Matthew and LouCinda who had by this time settled in and were hard at work. We all stayed in Bro. Peter’s home. Since last year, he had built a new home and while still full with all of us, there was more room than in the past.

Bro. Peter and his wife, Sis. Roda, were very hospitable. Sis. Roda stayed busy cooking meals for us, washing our clothes, and still finding time to accompany us to services to worship the Lord.


Over the course of the next ten days, our time was filled with traveling, teaching, and preaching. The sisters of our group spent time teaching the children. At times, they had over 250 children. They connected with them and entered into their lives, not only teaching but playing with them and spending time with these wonderful children. The children had very soft hearts and many responded to an invitation to give their heart to the Lord. We pray that God will bless these children and provide for their every need – as many of them have no family.




Sisters René, LouCinda, Ranelle, and Nicole taught many lessons and reached many lives. They had creative projects and games they used to illustrate Bible stories.








Donated toys and games from America were a delight to the orphans, as it was the first time many of them ever had toys with which to play.










The orphanage currently has 80 children living in very tight quarters. While we have been able to greatly expand the buildings the last three years, there remain many needs. Bro. Matthew’s primary burden was to build an office and kitchen for the orphanage. He spent many long days and hours working on these projects. He also spent time teaching a young man in the congregation basic carpentry as they repaired beds and made a table.

On two different days, we traveled by car to other nearby congregations and had services. The Lord blessed in these services and many sought the Lord at an altar of prayer. $2000 worth of Bibles was purchased and distributed in Kenya and Tanzania. Of special note, we gave Bibles to the young people/orphans aged 14 – 20.


On the weekend, while the sisters worked with the children and Bro. Matthew worked on the building, I was teaching a number of ministers who had come from different areas in Kenya. We spent hours every morning covering a variety of Biblical subjects and doctrines. In the afternoon, the children would join us for a general worship service. In these services, the glory of God came down. I stood in awe at the presence of the Holy Spirit as He met with us. Many were saved and sought the Lord for grace to see them through to victory. There is nothing like the convicting power of God.

I saw the splendor of the greatest chapel on earth–St. Peter’s basilica at the Vatican in Rome–but I found not the glory. I found the glory of God coming down in a chapel made with mud, rock, and sticks in the middle of Africa. Our God dwelleth not in temples made with hands, but in the heart of the humble. How wonderful it was to experience the glory of the almighty God.


Sunday evening, we had a special time with the orphans – singing, sharing, laughing, and eating.

On Monday, February 14, Bro. Peter, René and I traveled to Tanzania.

Wednesday evening we traveled back to the orphanage from Tanzania. The next day, we traveled to Nairobi and started our journey home Friday night. We arrived home Saturday evening.

God blessed the group with good fellowship and health. The Lord was very faithful to all of us on this trip and we praise His name. We appreciate the prayers and support for these endeavors. Without it, these missionary trips would not be possible. The seed is being sown and while the results are left to God – we are blessed to see fruit coming from the joint efforts of the saints.

In Christ,
Michael Smith




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