Kenya Mission Trip—January 2018



Travel from Ghana: 

I left home on January 15, 2018 and flew to Ghana for a week before going to Kenya. Read more about the Ghana trip. I flew to Kenya directly from Ghana and arrived early morning on January 23. I spent two days shopping for a printer for the printing work of the Gospel Truth in Kenya and for tables for the Huruma Dolor orphanage. After a couple of tiring days in Nairobi, the necessary items were purchased, and shipping arranged.

Kitui County

There are a number of new contacts and congregations throughout Kenya that Bro. Peter and I planned to visit over the course of two weeks. Before meeting with Bro. Peter, I made a day trip from Nairobi to Kitui county to meet a minister who had a background with another Church of God group. We met in a small, sheet metal chapel in very dry, dusty country. God inspired me to preach a message of examination before we continued with a lengthy Bible lesson touching on the highlights of New Testament doctrine. Many questions were asked by some visiting ministers. They asked that we come back and have multiple days of teaching and they would invite preachers from all over the area to attend. One young minister, who had never heard of feet washing, said in the spirit of the disciple Peter: “I would like us to have a teaching meeting that concludes with feet washing where I would be first.” While I do not know what the long-term plan of God is in this area, there is an open door for the gospel.

I flew to the city of Eldoret and visited a children’s home where my two nieces were working for a couple of weeks. The following morning, I traveled about 40 km where I met Bro. Peter and we had an open-air service with a fairly new congregation that is interested in truth. Souls were saved, and another door opened for the future expansion of the Kingdom of God.

Early Return Home

An affliction came on my body while in Ghana, and after arriving in Kenya, I realized I would be incapable of doing the work that was before me. Through prayer and advice of ministers at home and abroad, I returned to the USA early.

Ours is not always to know and understand, but we serve a sovereign God whom we trust will do that which is best concerning us. I appreciate so much the prayers of the saints. I know that some were praying for me around the clock. Little did they know that there were many times I would look at the list of those praying for me, and I would pray for them in return. God bless all of you for your support for the present and future of these gospel efforts.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for these missionary endeavors.


Kenya Trip February 2018

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