Kenya Mission Trip—July 2018

In July of 2018, I traveled to Kenya and spent time taking care of orphanage business (read more about the Huruma visit) and ministering in various congregations. I was gone from home almost a month on this trip. The last week was spent in Malawi.

Bro. Peter and I had services with established saints and followed up with services in the congregations of some new ministers with whom I have corresponded for two years. There are some promising opportunities in new areas for the Word to be spread and God’s church to be established. One particular congregation in the “interior” told me that I was the first white man to ever be in the area. On average, we had two services a day, traveling some very long distances to visit different groups.

Religion is a business in many areas of the world, and the enemy is trying to spoil true Christianity. It is always refreshing to find people who are hungry to receive the Word of God. The simple truth of the gospel is powerful and life changing, and it was a blessing to see souls saved from the power of sin.

Despite breakdowns, police stops, and evil spirits, God gave anointing and strength on this trip. I personally felt better physically than I have felt for many years. One of the complications I was suffering from my last trip stopped when I got back in Africa.

Before leaving home, I flew to Malawi for a few days of services (read more). I thank God and each one who prayed for me. The work is growing in Kenya and we are thankful for some faithful ministers there.

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