Kenya Mission Trip March 2017

Kenya Mission Trip

In March 2017, I flew to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. After that mission, I flew back to Nairobi. I proceeded to fly to the city of Kisumu, Kenya where I met Bro. Peter and other brethren. We drove three hours to Busia, which is a town on the Kenya/Uganda border.

In a rural area outside of town, we arrived at a mud chapel where the people were worshipping outside. The minister of this congregation had attended meetings in Stellah for the last two years. He was inspired by the truth that he heard and had invited us to come hold a meeting. Bro. Peter had visited them previously and had a blessed meeting with them. While we only had three days in this particular location, it was full of teaching and preaching. Ministers came from other areas in Kenya and from Uganda. Services were held from 10:00 a.m. and ended around 4:00 p.m., with a lunch break.

The pastor has stood by himself for many years, not joining the religious organizations around because they were not compatible with the simple teaching of the Word. While receiving opposition, he stood true to the Lord. While I didn’t see the usual number of children in attendance, there is a large group of good young men who have a desire to follow Christ. Another minister came from Uganda who left the Seventh Day Adventists a few years ago. He had been through their seminary and had position and standing in that group, but again, the Spirit was faithful. The Lord showed him areas of doctrine that were in error with the Bible, so he left. He has continued ministering in Uganda. He was very receptive and in agreement with the truth that was shared during the meeting. I pray that God will continue to bless in these new contacts and that the gospel will go forward in power and anointing.

I told the pastors not to accept anything because I said it. “You don’t know me. You don’t know my life. Measure everything I say by the Word of God. If it is truth, accept it.” It is such a blessing not to stand on the doctrines of man or on the edicts of a ministerial counsel. This is God’s truth and it stands strong, independent of me, the ministers, the USA, etc. It was so refreshing to find people who were not only excited about truth, teaching the same truth. One brother began talking about Biblical marriage. As there is much false teaching on the subject, I waited to hear what was said. How wonderful not to have to get up and read a scripture proving something wrong but rather give a hearty “Amen”. There were some people in attendance that are culturally bound up in polygamy etc. Please pray for God to lead and direct them in these mixed-up situations in which they find themselves. There were many invitations given to come share the Word in Uganda and in Kenya.

After leaving Busia, we traveled back to Kisumu where we had a service with the Church of God congregation there. The congregation is growing but is facing a challenge. A few years ago, after holding outreach meetings there, we helped them build a temporary chapel on loaned land. The owner is now selling the land and asking the congregation to leave. Please pray that the Lord will provide them a new place to worship.

Saturday night, we arrived at the orphanage after travelling through heavy rains and flooded roads. Sunday morning, the covered area was full of people for service. There were over two hundred students, the local congregation, and many ministers from the Church of God from other areas of Kenya in attendance. I shared a pastoral message with the congregation. I then met with the ministers and later in the day with the women’s fellowship.

We are thankful for the growing work in Kenya. There are many needs, temporal and spiritual, but it is wonderful to see what God is doing. All of the people are facing a food crisis in Kenya and maize prices have doubled in the last two months. I had opportunity to attend to Orphanage and school business in addition to visiting the orphanage at Kuria.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support for these missionary endeavors.


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