Kenya Mission Trip Report 2014

Kenya trip 2014
August 14, 2014

I thank God for the price that Jesus paid on Calvary. It is only through His blood that we find redemption and salvation. It is through that blood that I have found healing – spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. The blood still works a perfect cure and I praise God for that power that still flows strong after almost 2000 years.

At the end of May, my family and I drove from Missouri to Oregon. We left the two younger children in the care of their “Aunt Julie” Elwell. My wife, son Zachary, niece Nicole, and I flew to Kenya by way of London. We were met by Bro. Peter at the Nairobi airport. A day was spent shopping for the orphanage and school. We purchased about $1500 worth of textbooks for the orphanage school plus material for uniforms and lab equipment. 400 Bibles were purchased for the “Bibles4Orphans” project.

Up to this point, The Gospel Truth paper has been printed in Kenya on a very small inkjet printer. It has been taking a long time and was very expensive. The Lord helped me to find a used HP laser printer in Nairobi which we purchased. This will help greatly in the furtherance of the gospel effort and we thank God for answering this prayer.

By the time our shopping was finished, with the addition of our luggage, the orphanage van was over filled. We worked and worked to try and get everything packed. Those riding in the back seat for the seven hour trip to the orphanage were basically unable to move.

As we drew closer to the orphanage, night was upon us when we had a blow out. The spare tire had wires poking out of it and was flat also. Someone hired a motorcycle to drive to another town to try to get it aired up while the rest of us waited around the vehicle. There was a small village across the road and children and adults began to gather around us. Zachary pulled out some lighted balls and began to juggle to entertain the children. Eventually, one of the young men took one of the balls when it dropped and ran off. Zachary began to follow him asking for his ball. Keep in mind that it was night and we were ‘foreigners’ in a village area where we were unknown. Bro. Peter called for him to come back. I followed and called Zachary to let it go. Evidently, this young man was a great trouble maker and was trying to draw Zachary away for greater trouble. The men around us began to talk in their language and drove the children away. We found out days later that the men were talking about starting a riot and looting the van with our possessions. Bro. Peter knew their language and spoke to them. They then thought he was of their tribe and settled down. We thank God for His protection and help that night. It could have turned out very differently.

It was, as always, very touching to see the children again. There are 100 orphans living at Huruma and 17 are living at boarding schools going to high school. There are an additional 50 boarders. These children are sent by their parents to live at Huruma so they can attend school and receive the benefit of extended tutoring and learning. A further update on the orphanage is included below.

A gospel meeting was held the first weekend we were in Kenya. The Lord blessed in the meeting and anointed with the Holy Spirit. We are thankful for those who were saved and sought the Lord. Our prayer is that the Lord will help the ministers of various congregations to continue to get established and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Rene, Nicole, and Zachary spent a lot of time taking pictures of the children for sponsorship and gathering pertinent information. They taught, played, and had fellowship with the children. We had services at Bro. Joseph’s place and left funds to purchase 1.5 acres for that orphanage and assisted with concrete for the floors.

The last weekend of our trip to Kenya, we hired a vehicle to take to us to Tanzania for another gospel meeting.

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