Kenya Chapel & Land Projects: Sept. 2020

There have been a number of projects the last few weeks in Kenya. The chapel where Bro. Odongo ministers was blown over by the wind, so some of the saints traveled to this rural area to help rebuild a small chapel. It is a blessing to see the local brethren coming together and giving of their finances and time to assist the work of God.

Africa Mission & Beyond sent funds to purchase about 1.25 acres of land in the Kuria area for Bro. Mtundi’s congregation. They have been without a chapel for a long time and have often worshiped outdoors. I have fond memories of preaching under a tree to this precious group of people. We pray that the Lord will bless this venture and open the way to build a solid, permanent chapel.

AMB sent a larger donation this month to Kenya so the ministers would receive an offering. We appreciate the donations, small and large, to Africa Mission & Beyond that can assist the gospel work in so many different ways. God bless each one who sacrifices for these endeavors.



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