Kenya Update May 2017

Kenya update May 2017

During the month of May, a storm burned up the pump for the water well leaving the orphanage dependent on the piped water from the Chinese. As a result, a number of children at the orphanage contracted typhoid and cholera and subsequently an outbreak of measles. Sis. Rhoda also fell ill. Bro. Peter spent many nights at the orphanage praying through the night with the sick children and fasted for days with no food or water. He is a man of faith and this has been his practice for years. The strain eventually took a toll on his body and he entered a prolonged season of illness. He suffered a severe heart attack and was bedfast for almost a month. He has also had other symptoms so we don’t know what all he suffered from. We are very thankful that in the last week, he has been able to start getting up and going down to the school and resume some of his duties. Please keep him in continued prayer.

The country of Kenya has been in a period of widespread and prolonged drought. In the stores, the prices of groceries have doubled or tripled and some rationing is in place. At the Huruma school, many borders and community children have had to go home because they did not have money for fees. Some other private schools are having to shut down right now.

This is also an election year in Kenya and the tensions are already growing in the country. Please pray for a peaceful transfer of power and that there will not be results of rioting, looting or deaths, as has often been the case.

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