Kenyans Struggle During Current Drought

I have been receiving reports from various places in Tanzania and Kenya because of the extreme lack of food right now. There are many families that are struggling for food, even eating one meal per day. According to the World Health Organization it looks like this may be a problem for the foreseeable future. It is difficult to know what to do because so may people are being affected in Church of God Congregations. We are going to continue to keep our Feed the Hungry fund open and as there is money, we will assist families in various congregations. Project Christmas Blessing will also target these congregations in our distribution in January.

At the orphanage there is a big problem as well because most of the school children can’t afford to pay fees and many of the boarders have gone home. This means there is not adequate money to pay teachers for those students that remain and for the 100 orphans at Huruma. Many private schools have shut down in Kenya due to these problems so we do not know what the end result will be at Huruma.

There will be some major adjustments taking place soon and for sure the upper two grades will be discontinued at the Huruma Faith Highschool and the orphans in those grades will attend a school down the road within walking distance.

The price of maize and other products has skyrocketed and is adding to the problem. Below are examples of the increases that Kenyans are experiencing at the market. Previous prices compared to current prices.

Maize                   4,000/8,000

Beans                   8,000/14,000

Rice 50 kg           5,000/7,500

Sugar 50 kg         4,500/7,600

Our goal has been for the orphanage to be self-sufficient and we have endeavored to get to that place. Unfortunately things are headed the opposite direction right now. With the prices of food and the lack of tuition being paid by outside students, sponsorship funds do not cover the necessary expenses at the orphanage so we are also dependent upon general donations being given to support the monthly expenses at Huruma during this difficult time.

At this point we do not want to raise the rate of individual sponsorships but prefer to continue to operate with sponsorship like it is. If people want to send in additional offerings, those will assist the general operations at this time. We appreciate all the sacrifices people make for the mission at Huruma. If not for the orphanage and your sacrifices, many of these children, would be on the streets, being abused or even not alive. They might be with a host of other street kids sniffing glue to dull hunger pains and living in the city dump. Most if not all would not be getting adequate food so the orphanage is providing a haven although we are struggling financially ourselves right now.

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