Land Purchase/Farming

Following my last visit to Malawi in August, God has blessed Africa Mission & Beyond to be able to purchase 9-10 acres of land at a strategic location along a tarmac road. To purchase the land in a rectangular section, we had to make agreements and buy land from four different landowners. We involved local chiefs and government officials to be sure the land was clearly in the name of the church in Malawi and was done legally and properly.

Since the land was purchased, Bro. Master has been working with us to oversee having the land farmed. It is an experience to work from afar getting the land tilled by hand, planted, and fertilized. At one point, there were forty people working to prepare the new farm for planting. Ground nuts, cassava, beans, and maize were planted. The majority of the field was planted with maize. A small area was planted after the fashion we learned at our farmer’s training course in Malawi. Rather than till the ground, planting stations are uniformly dug and planted. This not only helps prevent erosion but provides better water saturation throughout the field. It is also encourages better uniformity in fertilizing and caring for the land which will eventually bring about a greater richness of soil at those stations. After the land was surveyed by the government, concrete landmarks were placed on the boundaries. 




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