Letter from the Field – 2002

January 17, 2002

Dear Bro. Wayne: Greetings to you, and all the saints over there, in the most precious and mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord who painfully took my place at the cross at Calvary to redeem me and all mankind from the bondage of sin. My heart is always filled with joy when I remember that I am free indeed, having been set free by Him through His blood. We need to maintain our freedom by walking consciously in His steps on a daily basis! Glory be unto His name.

I thank God for this opportunity to write. I want to thank God for the success, last December, of the convention in Asana. I thank Him also for bringing Bro. Michael Smith safe and sound down to be with us in fellowship during the convention, and for taking him back to the United States in good health. I really thank God for what He used Bro. Smith to accomplish during the short stay in Nigeria. The Lord really used him as a pastor and as an evangelist in handling the teaching on the general theme of the convention-LIBERATED UNTO HOLINESS. Souls were liberated and are determined to be marching on in holiness. It is our prayer that the tempo be maintained and improved upon on a daily basis.

Bro. Smith and I worshipped in Port Harcourt Church on Sunday, December 16th, 2001, before proceeding to Asana that evening. Bro. Smith had three days teachings in Asana, on the doctrines of the Bible from Monday, December 17th, 2001 until Wednesday, December 19th, 2001. This was primarily for the elders and workers in the church. It was a blessed and very refreshing moment in the presence of the Lord. The convention proper took off on the evening of December 20th. The first night had an attendance of 509 people. This increased steadily to 1,812 people on Saturday night and to 2,341 on Sunday, the last day of the convention. Souls were saved as they surrendered their lives to Christ. It is on record that 67 people answered the altar call to surrender their lives to Christ in the first night of the meeting and many other souls were added in subsequent days, increasing steadily to 108 altogether on Saturday. The ordinance of Holy Communion was observed Sunday, December 23rd, 2001, and that was the last day of the convention. Brethren from Port Harcourt, Tombia and KwaIe came all the way to join up with the 15 congregations in the Asana area in the convention. We were very delighted to have them around to strengthen the work of God in that area of the mission field. Continue to pray for the work over here.

Bro. Michael Smith had an opportunity to see the pupils in the adult education program while in session. This is mainly made up of people who did not have a formal education but want to be able to read the Bible. A good majority of the elderly people in the locality fall into this category. The school currently has two teachers, Bro. Odo Emmanson and Sis. Imaobong Benson and the number on role was over 30 as of last December. This is an outreach arm of the Pruitt Foundation for the poor and needy which we do pray should take off as the Lord will provide for it. We covet your prayers.

With increase in awareness and acceptance of the gospel over here, the work load is expanding and more evangelism tools are needed. Bro. D .M. Akpan can no longer cope with the field work all alone. We are praying that the Lord should provide more workers and the necessary tools for the sustenance of the work in this area. We really solicit your prayers for this work….

Yours in His service,

-Anietie B. Essien

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