Letter from Pakistan

letter from Pakistan
A letter from Bro. S in Pakistan

Bro.Michael, your coming to Pakistan, it has been great victory and blessing, strength and comfort for me in the Lord . And God brought great progress for His Kingdom work here. There was difficulties, danger and works were stopped and there was a break in chapel work and school work. And God sent you and His blessing by you . And many work come into progress and restart chapel and school work.

I much thankful and appreciate for your prayers. Your prayers has been great blessing for me for the Lord’s work in Pakistan. Praise God!!

Again, I thankful for your coming to visit us in Pakistan for the Gospel work. Praise God! He is so faithful! I thankful for Him.

I am thankful to the Lord God almighty that we are safe in His protection. But we have been busy with school children to preparing papers works for annual exams of school children. And I am sending some pictures of attending exams of school children this week.

And I have been sick in last month by my stomach problem, the bad water and my unrest gave bad affected on my health. so I have unable to sit on computer last month and could not send you many pictures of school work, but now I feel better and I will send you those pictures as well as God helped and worked out by His grace. Here with this email, you will be see some photos of school students set in school place. I hope, you will be enjoy and will praise to God for His wonderous work.

As well as now there 143 students, those are needed for SCHOOL SUPPLIES at this time of begin new classes after Annual Exams March 2017. Supplies for one child is $20 with these items BOOKS, NOTEBOOKS, BAGS, UNIFORM, STATIONARY.

Please pray for safety of all us and success exams and blessing for school children. We will be finishing exams next week and we will prepare annual result progress reports and we plan to arrange a SCHOOL PROGRAM on Monday 20th March for giving school supplies these poor students to start new classes.

New bathroom facilities being built near the new classroom

We thankful in the Lord to all believers, saints of the church of God in the United States for your incredible support! Thank you all you saints, ministers for your prayers and financial support… you make it all possible and together… WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!


Greetings and blessings to all you saints to the church of God in the United States.

Bro. S



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