Letter from John Y. Peprah Ghana, Africa

letter from
Concerning Sis. Dorothy – from Ghana

(Faith & Victory : March 1986)

Dear Sister Pruitt, Brother Wayne and all Saints in the Great Vineyard: Greetings of love in the mighty name of our Redeemer. We have received the sad news of the death of our dear mother in Christ, Dorothy Keiser. We were greatly shaken, but took consolation in the fact that our precious Father knows what is best for us.

Madam, as she was affectionately called, came to Ghana at a time when most of us were searching for the real thing in Christianity. We were really dissatisfied with where we were; huge human institutions devoid of any spiritual life where we could do whatever we liked. Through divine guidance we were led to this child of God. At the time of our meeting she spoke about Holy Spirit leadership. During our subsequent meetings she talked about holy life, sanctification, divine healing, etc. I knew we were right in the presence of the Spirit of God. We were so overwhelmed. I could not sleep for many nights.

I remember, at the time, Madam gave me a heap of Church Literature and many books to read. I read them day and night, searching the Scriptures and asking a series of questions, which she answered to the utmost extent.

Madam firmly believed God sent her here (this is indisputable), and that she could not be happy anywhere apart from Ghana. With this realization she went about her work with great zeal. She saw the immense need, spiritual and temporal, and in the power of the Spirit addressed herself to it.

Her great sympathy, kindness, humility and love endeared her to many Ghanaians. Before a poor peasant farmer or an influential government official Madam was the same. Circumstances and personalities could not make her any different. Her great faith in God and indomitable courage kept her moving. Where the Truth was concerned she was uncompromising. She stood up for her Lord everywhere, anytime. I remember on one occasion we went to see a government official about her resident permit. The man was so impressed about her honesty, humility, fearlessness and her earnestness to preach Christ, that he encouraged her, “Don’t give up!”

Madam’s work here has never been easy. She suffered heart-rending persecution during the “second part” of her work. It was so severe that sometimes she wondered whether it would not be profitable for her to go home leaving “the little flock” to carryon with the fight. She always decided to stay because she felt true soldiers never ran away from battle.

The full Truth has been established here by the Spirit of God through the modest lady from America. It is our humble prayer that the Lord touches another heart to come down and continue from where Madam left.

In the meantime we (the workers) have given ourselves to prayer, fasting and witnessing.

We are taking this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to the many brothers and sisters who in diverse ways gave Madam the encouragement during her ministration in Ghana.

Yours in His Service,

-John Y. Peprah

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