Looking Back | Huruma Interview 1


On our last visit to Huruma Dolor Orphanage in Kenya we went back to some of the original mud/stick classrooms where the vision started about a decade ago. Bro. Michael Smith and Bro. Peter Akweyona sit down to reminisce and answer questions about how we got to where we are today. Enjoy photos from the past and rejoice with us in what God is doing in Kenya.

Bro. Peter when did you start the orphanage here?

Who were the first children?

What year did you construct the first original building (mud house)?

Bro. Michael when did you meet Bro. Peter? What was there about him that made you want to partner with him?

Was there any one incident that served as a catalyst to that decision?

Bro. Peter, after Bro. Michael left and went home did you think anything would come of that visit?

What is the essence of the vision for Huruma?

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