Maize Reaches the Hungry

Happy singing filled the air as bags of maize arrived to ease the suffering of the hundreds of hungry church families in Mozambique. Relentless cycles of crop failure to grow or failure to even germinate have taken a toll on these people. Their cupboards are bare by now, and many have been going days without food at a time, going to bed at night with only water in their bellies.

When word of this new level of desperation reached the saints, we responded quickly by initiating funds to implement a mass distribution of one bag per family. In this particular area of Mozambique, 1900 families are suffering. Last weekend, they ALL received one bag of maize which should be enough to last them for a month with careful planning. This time is different from other distributions because they have nothing at home any more with which to supplement it.

Rejoice with us to see these people with food for a few weeks and pray for them earnestly.

There is a continual food fund with Africa Mission and Beyond if you wish to support the hungry.

Feed the Hungry Food Fund Donations

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