Malawi/Mozambique: August 2020 Update

People continue to get sick in Malawi and Mozambique. There is a lot of fear of COVID-19. It is difficult to know whether many are sick with the virus or other diseases that are so prevalent. Some of the saints are in quarantine due to exposure to sickness around them. Ministers from Mozambique and Malawi walk for many miles to bring reports to Bro. Master to share with me. Their economy has also been affected and so many people are suffering. The elderly are especially being impacted and that is the focus of the reports from ministers. Here is a quote from a report I received this week from Bro. Master: “Today I went to Mozambique with Bro. James on a motorcycle. We heard that it was bad there…some members are in quarantine….The side we went things were very bad and the pastors there worry about the elders. We visited three old people just to pray for them. A man of 90 years old has no one to help him. I feel sorry for him and promised him a bag of maize from my house.”

The brethren are trying to teach the people to have good hygiene, according to government guidelines, to help prevent the spread of the virus. Some congregations are having services again but have divided the congregation so there are fewer people in each service.

Over the last few months, AMB has sent funds to purchase soap and buckets for many congregations and over 500 bags of maize. In a location where there are thousands of people worshiping with the Church of God, it is a small amount; but every elderly person and child fed is a blessing.

Malawi Land Development Project (MLDP) Update

We are thankful to have completed building a caretaker’s house and storage building in Malawi. We have hired a caretaker to watch over the land and crops. The maze crop was harvested in the second quarter of the year. Ten people were hired to work for ten days to harvest and prepare the maize for storage. The maize will be stored until the end of the year to sell or donate to the poor, as prices will be much higher at that time.

We will save funds for the MLDP project and prepare for building projects in the future. The work is great and we need guidance from the Lord to know how to best serve the gospel and humanitarian needs in this impoverished country.


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