Malawi Contact – Bro. Wayne Murphey

(Faith & Victory : February 1996)

(Editors note: The following is part of a letter received from Bro. Failos Namaozongo of Malawi, Central Africa. We have been corresponding with him for about five years, and feel it is time for the saints to be informed of the work that is there. Bro. Failos oversees 13 churches; six in Malawi and seven in Mozambique. He was standing independently until he received some information on the Church of God and wrote to us for more understanding. He has expressed quite a few times in his letters that the saints there are very anxious to see someone from the States. -W. M.)

First of all, we send greetings in the name of Jesus Christ. This letter is a report of the meetings which were held at Mozambique, beginning on December 3rd. The meeting was very successful. The people accepted the Gospel and a total of 30 were baptized. Due to this meeting, I am encouraging all the Christians we are representing here….

Lastly, we send blessings to you and your family, also your staff. Pray for us.

Yours for Christ.

-Failos Namaozongo

[Note: Below is a previous letter from Bro. Failos Namaozongo that was printed in the Faith and Victory sometime in 1991.]

Dear Brother Murphey: We held another big meeting on July 14 at Likangaliya whereby six churches gathered.

We had a nice time with the church elders in the evening on July 13. The aim of the campaign was to teach the Christians our doctrine of the Church of God. The total attendance of the people who came on Sunday was 558. They were all moved by the message which was preached. We could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the meeting. As a result, 71 men and women were converted. They have their own church, and they belonged to another denomination, but now they have given themselves to Jesus in the name of Church of God.  Isn’t that wonderful!

Greetings, and God bless. From brothers and sisters in Christ,

-Brother Failos Namaozongo

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