Malawi Covid Shutdowns Increase Food Insecurity

“Today, Sunday, I have received 15 to 30 calls from different pastors within Malawi asking for help about food. We are in lockdown down and we have lost 4 people, not due to Covid, but for lack of food because the government will not allow people to travel. I know you helped last month but it’s very, very bad indeed and lots of people lost their life within this month. Two of our pastors from Zomba died of COVID-19. Share this message with your friends any help will be enough. Thank you. God bless.” — Bro. Master Gustor, Malawi

This month is the hunger season in Malawi. Four deaths have been reported from lack of food. Food stores are depleted, and the new crops are young. During this time people normally forage for long distances to find food to get through to the end of February—long enough for the crops to grow to the point they can eat green maize and pumpkins. Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, travel is restricted. However, we can obtain permits from the police to travel with masks for distributions.

If you would like to contribute to this need, donations will be accepted through PayPal at or by check to Africa Mission, PO Box 2042, Nixa, MO 65714. Memo: Malawi Food This is a time sensitive and urgent need.

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