Malawi Drought

malawi famine relief 2017

It was deeply moving to receive texts in the night from Malawi/Mozambique that saints had died due to hunger. Hundreds of saints throughout the country were going to bed at night, having had little to no food to eat. Because the numbers of people are so great, Africa Mission & Beyond is incapable of assisting everyone. We are very thankful for all of you who sacrificed to assist our brethren in need. Africa Mission & Beyond sent help in two installments, one in March and one in May, to help the most desperate families.

The following is a text from Bro. Master in March: “I am back from Mozambique. We bought 50 bags of maize. Due to the number of families, we distributed 15 kg per family, meaning 1 bag of maize was shared to 3 families. The people there are still in danger.”

In May, the second trip Bro. Master made to Mozambique was hard because of the rain. He contracted malaria while there. Thankfully, he recovered quickly. They bought 200 bags of maize and 10 bags of beans. The cost of transportation was high and they had to travel to three separate locations to find enough maize for purchase.

The people are now beginning to eat of the new harvest. They appreciated so much the love shown to them during this difficult time.

Famine and hunger is a reoccurring problem in Malawi and Mozambique, as their crops are so dependent upon the weather. If the Lord opens up the door, I plan to fly to Malawi in September. In addition to Bible teaching, our desire is to help the people learn better farming methods. There is an international organization that teaches agricultural techniques. I plan to personally attend this training and bring a few farmers from the congregations in Malawi and Mozambique with me. Our desire is to see them learn how to be better equipped to meet the farming challenges.



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