Malawi Food Crisis Progress

Video transcript:

We’re living in a time where there is a lot of bad news, but I have some really encouraging news that I want to share with you. We put out an appeal less than two weeks ago about the great need in Malawi. Thousands of families have been going to bed hungry in the Church of God. There are 61 congregations and well over 4000 families. 1800 of those families are suffering critically right now due to lack of maize. The good news is that since the appeal two weeks ago, through your sacrifice and the working of God, that need has been met at the moment. We have been able to send funds this week to buy a bag of maize for a little over 2000 families. I have hardly had time to do anything but accounting the last two weeks but that is a good problem! Thank you all so much for assisting.

The need is not over. We were just addressing those with the most critical need. Based upon our experience of years of this happening in Malawi, probably in a month we will be sending more money to minister to people that were not in critical need right now. Also, in a month, the people will have eaten up their maize and we foresee this situation extending into March and possibly even April. It depends on what happens with the crops in Malawi.

I don’t want to overstress too much the need but I want to say that in the last two weeks over $42,000 has come in. We have sent over $33,000 of that to date. The need is still ongoing, so if anyone still has a burden your sacrifice is not going to be in vain. It will be going directly to feed the hungry. 100% of this money will feed the people. We have to pay for transportation costs and we will give a small donation to those working on the ground from the money that is sent to us.

I have been overwhelmed by the response. I know there have been a lot of sacrifices from congregations, individuals, couples, families, and even children. My heart has been touched by offerings coming in from children who could have spent the money on themselves. It is making a practical difference in the lives of families who have been going to bed hungry. You are literally putting food in their mouths. Thank you all so much for what you have done. If the Lord leads you to sacrifice in the next month to send money it is not in vain, but the initial need has been met. God bless each of you.

Donations can be sent by PayPal to or checks may be sent to Africa Mission (Memo: Malawi food relief), PO Box 2042, Nixa, MO 65714.

Or donate here (click specific fund/Feed the Hungry)

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