Malawi Harvest (MLDP)

It is with thanksgiving that the first crops were harvested on the recently purchased land for MLDP (Malawi Land Development Project).  The maize grew well and ten people were hired to work for ten days to harvest and prepare the maize for storage. It has been expensive, and unsurprisingly, based on what I learned at farmers training in Malawi, it would be a net loss if we sold the crops right now. A bag of maize is selling for $16-$17. If we store the maize, toward the end of the year it will sell for $27-$33 per bag. The cassava, beans, and ground nuts are not yet ready for harvest. For the time, we will store the crops and decide later if we will sell the maize or donate it to the poor. Regardless, all the funds will stay in Malawi to assist the poor and for the advancement of the project.

I had them plant a small plot based on the knowledge that we learned at the farmer’s training. That plot (less than 1/4 acre) produced 7 bags of maize where the same size of traditional farming produced 4 bags. Next season, the new method will be implemented in a larger area.


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