Malawi/Mozambique: January 2021

It is planting time again! Due to governmental changes, the price of maize has remained stable, so storing the maize from our last harvest was not profitable. We sold 109 bags of maize and used the funds to purchase more seed, fertilizer, and paid for labor to cultivate, etc. Next season, I will probably only have a small portion planted in maize for instructional purposes in the new method of farming and have the rest of the land planted in beans. As time goes on, I am interested in planting trees in one portion of the land. I need to first get a site plan for future construction before I plant too many trees. That will take another visit.

Funds were donated that enabled the brethren to purchase 200 Bibles and 270 bags of maize for distribution to the most needy. Over the last few months, there have been many kgs of maize purchased through Africa Mission & Beyond and Project Christmas Blessing 2021. We are thankful for all those who have assisted with these projects.




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