Malawi Land Development Update

Bro. Michael and Bro. Master stopped to visit the land site where the Development Project has been halted through the pandemic. It has been four years since Michael has been in Malawi. This plot of land was purchased several years ago. Since we have not been able to build on a large scale, the land has been used for crops which have been planted and the harvest used to provide food for meetings or emergency cases. We have built two houses on the land. One house was built for the caretaker and another building is used to store grain.

Bro. Michael is now making plans to develop it further. They are working on a site for a well and are choosing location to build a tabernacle to hold 1,000 people for large meetings. The site can be used for ministers meetings, other gospel meetings and teaching sessions on finances or a practical setup to teach Foundations of Farming. We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for this location.

The view from the tarmac. You can see the two buildings in the back.
Caretaker’s House
Maize stalks from last planting.
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