Malawi Land Development Project

Multiple small plots of land were purchased in Malawi in 2019 to obtain one large 8-10 acre rectangular plot. This has been a long-time goal and dream to purchase land and develop it as a place to serve and minister not only to the needs of the Church of God and ministers in Malawi but also to be a place to educate people of the community.


  1. Site for Malawi national camp meetings.
  2. Place for longer term ministers’ meetings and teaching.
  3. Center for youth programs to advocate spiritual and temporal advancement.
  4. Provide agricultural training to the community geared for the substance farmer.
  5. Showcase farm onsite.
  6. Educational Center: Financial literacy, marriage training, etc.
  7. Gospel Truth printing and distribution facility.
  8. Orphan feeding center.

Development/Building Needs

  1. Caretaker’s house
  2. Mission House
  3. Fence the property
  4. Deep water well
  5. Tabernacle
  6. Sleeping accommodations
  7. Electric
  8. Teaching Center/facility
  9. Kitchen
  10. Barn for animals
  11. Land/farm development
  12. Gospel Truth workshop
  13. Orphan center

November Update: Malawi Tabernacle Project

November 1, 2023 The tabernacle in Malawi is a much slower process than in Kenya and we are lacking a significant amount of funds. The footers had to be dug extremely deep because of the sandy soil.…

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Malawi Tabernacle Project Begins

The Malawi Land Development Project is finally moving forward with the Tabernacle building site! A tabernacle to accommodate 1,000 people is planned. On our August trip, Michael met with builders…

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Current Projects & Ongoing Needs

People sometimes wonder about pressing needs in the gospel work in Africa and Pakistan. Africa Mission & Beyond is continually buying Bibles, helping the poor, supporting gospel outreaches,…

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Malawi Trip Part 1

Bro. Michael arrived in Malawi on April 12. The funds were picked up from the bank and negotiations made for the goods needed for distributions which will begin on Monday, April 17. Malawi was the…

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Malawi Land Development Update

Bro. Michael and Bro. Master stopped to visit the land site where the Development Project has been halted through the pandemic. It has been four years since Michael has been in Malawi. This plot of…

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Malawi/Mozambique: January 2021

It is planting time again! Due to governmental changes, the price of maize has remained stable, so storing the maize from our last harvest was not profitable. We sold 109 bags of maize and used…

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Malawi/Mozambique: September 2020 Update

This month more funds were sent to assist the elderly and disabled in Mozambique who are suffering due to present conditions in the country. The needs are so great it makes it difficult when we…

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Malawi/Mozambique: August 2020 Update

People continue to get sick in Malawi and Mozambique. There is a lot of fear of COVID-19. It is difficult to know whether many are sick with the virus or other diseases that are so prevalent.…

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Malawi: Caretaker’s House/ Storage Building (MLDP)

It was vital that there be a caretaker's house on the property in Malawi. While there have been some challenges since I was not on the ground, we thank the Lord that the house is relatively…

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Malawi Harvest (MLDP)

It is with thanksgiving that the first crops were harvested on the recently purchased land for MLDP (Malawi Land Development Project).  The maize grew well and ten people were hired to work for…

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Farming/Caretaker’s House

PHASE 2: FARMING THE LANDWhat a beautiful site! Since the crops have been planted, the rains have come and are growing well. Fertilizer was applied when the seeds were planted. Since that…

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Land Purchase/Farming

PHASE 1: LAND TRACT PURCHASEFollowing my last visit to Malawi in August, God has blessed Africa Mission & Beyond to be able to purchase 9-10 acres of land at a strategic location along a…

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