Proposed Malawi Land Purchase

The four landowners are waiting for payment on the land and warn that if another buyer comes along any one of them could sell to another party. We trust the Lord will provide the funds needed to purchase this land which will cost $16,000. There is a Malawi Land Purchase fund located in the drop-down menu on this page.

For many years, I have had a burden to develop a piece of land in Malawi for the benefit of the gospel work and for the edification of the impoverished population. I felt led of the Lord this year to at least move forward with the purchase of land before prices get too high. It is difficult to find larger plots of land because it has been subdivided within families for generations. After searching and asking, we found a plot of land that is centrally located to many of the congregations in Malawi. Miraculously, it is located on a tarmac road and electricity is nearby. While in a rural area, it is close to a central road exchange and the location is one hour from the main city of Blantyre. The land that is available is owned by four different owners. At this point, three of the four owners have agreed to sell their plots of land. It would be 8-10 acres for a price of around $16,000. Negotiations are not final, and we are praying that the Lord will provide the funds shortly that we can proceed with this transaction.

If we are able to acquire this land, the development project would last for years. It would be a place for a mission house and Malawi camp meetings. It would be a place where ministers could come and stay for an extended period of time to study and learn the Bible. It would potentially be a place to give agricultural training not only to the saints but also the local people. There would be enough land to grow some crops and have a small farm/garden to demonstrate proper planting techniques to conserve the land. While not definite, my initial burden was to have an orphan feeding center. This would be a center where locally placed orphans could come daily and be given a meal to eat before returning to their local family. The possibilities are great and there is wonderful potential that this future complex could be a mighty tool in the hand of God.

It will happen one step at a time, and the first step is to acquire the land. While it might seem a little larger than necessary, it is better to acquire adequate land for future expansion lest the prices increase as they did in the Huruma orphanage area in Kenya.

If the land is purchased, which could happen within the month if the Lord opens the doors, it is on a government lease of 50 years. After that, it would have to be renewed again and approved by the government. I would hire someone to be a caretaker of the land and farm it local style until we could develop it further. We may plant eucalyptus trees on 1-2 acres on the bottom lands close to a river. This would take about three years to grow to sell the poles for construction.  We solicit an interest in your prayers for this opportunity.

Future Development Needs

  1. Caretaker house
  2. Fence
  3. Electric
  4. Well
  5. Land development/farming
  6. Mission House
  7. Tabernacle
  8. Teaching Center
  9. Ministers Accommodations
  10. Orphan Feeding Center
  11. Gospel Truth Printing and Distribution Center
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