Malawi Maize Distribution

We are very grateful to the Lord and to each donor who contributed funds to assist those who are suffering from hunger in Malawi. There are a number of contributing factors to the hunger which can be read about on international news.

With funds sent from AMB, 2000 bags of maize were purchased and distributed in Malawi over the course of a week. There were five brethren from the church in Malawi who worked tirelessly to reach 2000 families. Often working in the rain, our coordinator in Malawi, Bro. Master, could not speak well and was sick by the end of the week. I am thankful that he is now feeling better.

We first reported that there were about 44% of the families who needed help. That figure has now grown to about 75% of the families in the church who are lacking food. The initial need was met for which we thank God. At distribution points, maize was distributed according to lists given from the pastors of those in the greatest need. As always when dealing with large numbers, there were some forgotten who were not on the list. In addition, every week that goes by, the need increases.

This week we sent funds to purchase an additional 1500 bags of maize. The need is currently so great, that they are requesting that we give a half of bag to each family who is suffering so that it goes further. This will be enough to last an average family two weeks.

Large quantities of maize are not easily found, and so trucks were sent many hours away to purchase the maize and bring it back to Phalombe and Zomba areas. Transportation costs are extremely high, so the total expenses came to approximately $16.50/50kg bag of maize.

I have been very grateful for the response from people in the U.S, Germany, and Canada. Many times, the needs are so great with the overwhelming numbers of people we are trying to reach with the gospel, that when crisis such as this arise, we feel very limited and incapable of helping on a large scale. The donations this time have been wonderful, and it is making a very meaningful difference to literally thousands of families. I plan to send more funds in March. By that time, this current maize will have been eaten and there will be even more families needing assistance.

Let us continue to pray for people of ALL countries and nationalities who are suffering during this time. God bless each of you who has enabled food to be given to the hungry in the name of Jesus.

-Michael Smith

Donations can be sent by PayPal to (send as friends or family to avoid the business fees that are placed on purchases, etc.) or checks may be sent to Africa Mission (Memo: Malawi food relief), PO Box 2042, Nixa, MO 65714.

Or donate here (Please specify the specific fund: Feed the Hungry)

Malawi Food Crisis (2021)

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