Malawi Mission Trip 2015

Malawi mission trip 2015

The Lord blessed the trip to Malawi this month. I was gone from home 2.5 weeks. The time I was gone was spent in preaching and teaching and hundreds of souls received salvation and spiritual help. I faced many challenges on this trip and greatly appreciate those who prayed for me. We had planned to travel to Mozambique and visit some congregations there for four days. I was stopped at the border and the government would not allow me entrance (others told me that Mozambique is making it difficult for Americans as the US government is supporting the opposition political party in their country – I don’t know if this is accurate but I heard it from Malawi and from the Mozambique side). People were waiting and it was a real disappointment but we trust in God’s wisdom and providence.

After being denied entry, I had to go back to the city to get hundreds of Gospel Truth’s in their native language. I got very sick one night due to bad food/water. I was very weak and did not know how I could travel. In faith, I told God I would leave for the villages in the morning. God worked a miracle. I was still in pain but was able to travel over rough roads and preach 16 times in the next four days.

Malawi was once again recently classified as the POOREST country in the entire world. There are many challenges that come from that on many fronts. Please continue to remember the gospel efforts in Malawi.

A report can be read in the caption area of the photo gallery below. I appreciate so much those who prayed for me and for the gospel work in Malawi. The devil has been fighting hard, but God has great things in store for these people.

In Christ,

Michael Smith

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