Malawi Mission Trip 2017

Malawi mission trip 2017

I was home one week from Nigeria before traveling with my son, Ethan, to Malawi. Our sixteen-hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa was turned around while hours over the Atlantic on two different occasions due to engine problems. A day and three flight attempts later, it was a blessing to safely reach the shores of Africa.

We had two weekend meetings in villages in Malawi. Hundreds came to hear the gospel and the Lord blessed with clarity in the messages. A local chief came to the first village service and testified afterward of having his understanding opened about Babylon. As always, we enjoyed the beautiful singing of the young people. They stayed up all Saturday night in the chapel singing. I estimated about 500-600 in attendance at the last Sunday service. There continue to be new congregations in Malawi and Mozambique. There are currently 89 congregations. The ministers are beginning to reach out more and the Gospel Truth is being distributed which is helping to spread the gospel. While the numbers of people are growing, we are looking for an increase in spiritual understanding. I pray the Lord will lead us to know how to more effectively teach the ministers, many who are very poorly educated.

There are currently twenty-two chapels that are in need of metal roofing at a cost of approximately $200/chapel. As we are able, we would like to slowly begin to assist them as they provide the necessary wood.
The villages are full of impoverished children who love to talk and play. Ethan proved to be a good friend and began to quickly pick up the Chichewa language. He gave a Bible lesson to 170 children one afternoon and spent countless hours walking and talking with them.

In addition to the gospel efforts, one of the goals of the trip was to attend an agriculture training center and sponsor 5 farmers from various congregations for more extensive training. We attended this training throughout the week. [Read a report about this program – Foundations for Farming]

God once again proved himself faithful and blessed physically and spiritually.

Sleeping Quarters

The work in Malawi is large and there is always a struggle to provide accommodations for the people and/or ministers at special meetings in the village. Currently, they build walls of straw and put leaves on the dirt for each of the congregations to sleep in at night. Per a long-standing request, our desire is to build a strip of small rooms to alleviate some of the problem. I told them that if they would provide the bricks, we would try to assist them with the cost of cement, metal sheeting, etc. The plan is to build a 16 x 65 ft building with five rooms. This will cost $2000 plus the bricks that they make.

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