Malawi Mission Trip Report 1996

Malawi Trip 1996
(Faith & Victory : September 1996)

Dear Saints: We are very thankful for the blessings of the Lord on our recent mission trip to Africa. Several months ago, Bro. Bob Sallee and I received a burden to make personal contact with Bro. Failos Namaozongo of Malawi. He had been writing to the Faith Publishing House for five years. He seemed very receptive to the truth and wanted someone from the Church of God to come and visit him and his congregations. The Lord provided the way for us to make that visit. We were gone from the states for two weeks and the Lord was with us each step of the way.

Bro. Failos lives in Msikita, a remote and primitive village. He pastors a congregation of over 75 people. There are 10 other Church of God congregations in Malawi and over 13 congregations in the neighboring country of Mozambique. Our days were very full as we traveled to the various congregations and held services. The people were very hungry for the simple, gospel message, and many responded with open hearts. In the evenings, we had opportunity to discuss the Scripture with Bro. Failos and his sons. Communication was difficult at times because their native language is Chichewa, and we had to depend on a translator. In spite of this, the Lord worked.

Each congregation has at most three Bibles for an average of 60-70 people. The Lord provided the means for us to purchase 200 Bibles, to be distributed among the congregations. The people were very grateful. They are hungry to know the way of Christ and are now praying that someone from the Church of God will come and live with them to help them understand the truth.

We thank each one for their prayerful support and concern. Please pray for these dear people that God will lead them and bless them as they endeavor to serve the Lord.

Christian Love,

-Bro. Michael Smith and Bro. Robert Sallee


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