Malawi Ministers Meeting: 1

There are over 160 in attendance at the ministers meeting (20 are women leaders or local wives).  Many of the ministers are new, hence, one more reason for the need of continual teaching.

160 Ministers and Women’s Leaders

I divided them into 21 groups and gave each group a parable. They took about 30 minutes to study the parable in their group. Over the next two days, they will present the story and significance to the whole body.  So far, it has gone very well. I’ve already had opportunity to give brief teachings on different subjects that stem from the parables being discussed.

Small Group Breakout Sessions

New cloth on old garments? First we need a heart change and salvation through Jesus Christ. “If any man be in Christ he is a new creature….”

The sower? The different heart conditions exist still today. Keep sowing the seed. Membership in the church is not coming to service but being saved. Membership book is in heaven.

Part of the joy in mission work for me in its primitive stage is the liberty and freedom to teach and preach without   inhibitions and without the expectations of people. I can just let the Spirit do what He wants through the immediate inspiration of the Word. I enjoy and love the experience of extemporaneous preaching. That is what is happening today as I “fill in some gaps” of the parable teachings from our group participation.

Through this type of presentation and meeting, there are so many opportunities to give little tidbits of advice and instruction. “Pastors, when you are preaching, watch your audience. We are not entertainers and are supposed to preach the Word; but, don’t preach too long and lose your audience. Preach with a burden, with enthusiasm, with inspiration of the Spirit. Don’t mumble when you speak….believe in your subject.”

Women cooking ground maize into nsima.

On our lunch break, a large group of people came with drums, singing and dancing down the dirt trail through the village. What a happy day! A boy, aged 10-15, had been circumcised.

The children are ever chanting “Tikufuna ma sweetie” outside my room. They do like those treats.

Give me a sweetie!

I am operating on very little sleep as I have had difficulty sleeping the last five nights. Jet lag coupled with trouble turning my mind off equals little sleep. I hope I can get some rest tonight. Prayers for the gospel work are much appreciated. God is good.

Bro. Master, faithful translator

Saints at home, let us not lose the joy of basic salvation and daily following Christ. May we ever keep focused on that which is most important; not forgetting the finer details of Holiness, but not getting entangled in it. Come to Malawi and recognize the simplicity of salvation where people need to follow Christ that they might stop lying, cheating, drinking alcohol, etc. Those that do these things shall not inherit the kingdom of heaven. Such were some of you, but you have been washed…. That starts sounding like the scripture doesn’t it? Absent of religion and full of saving grace. Thank God for the plan!

—Michael Smith

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