Malawi Ministers Meeting: 2

The Ministers’ meeting today began with a lesson on the Old and New Covenant. This is one of the quickest most effective ways to bring out many pertinent doctrines in a short amount of time. Comparing practices of many churches and asking the question: “Is this from the Old Covenant or from the New Covenant?”

Groups sharing about parables

Consider some of the issues: tithing vs giving, physical worship vs spiritual worship, Sabbath holiness vs daily heart holiness, priesthood of the Levites (too bad for priests of today who aren’t Levites) vs priesthood of Christ, God’s presence in a temple made with hands vs temple of our hearts, sacrifice of animals vs sacrifice of Christ. The list goes on and on. It is amazing what that 30-45 min lesson can reveal to the honest, seeking heart. We have a better covenant through Christ.

We had ten group presentations of the parables. It again was a profitable day with the opportunity for interaction and teaching by the local ministers.The parables of today focused more on the judgement, good works, and Christian living and attributes. From the Ten Virgins to the Good Samaritan to proud wedding guests. Readiness, prayer, humility, forgiveness, etc. are included in these parables.

We had a wonderful moment of spontaneous, hearty laughter together as I demonstrated the actions of the proud minister. It was a blessing to enjoy the good-natured mirth. It had a way of bringing us together and breaking down some of the walls.When we shared together about good works and helping the poor, I think they found it somewhat difficult to believe that in the United States I am a poor man.

I passed out packages of biscuits (cookies) to all them at lunch, about 176.

The Lord blessed spiritually today, and I am thankful. There were some physical and temporal challenges, but that is part of mission work.

I challenged them as we closed for the day to get to know 3-5 ministers they didn’t know. There are so many and they are from both Malawi and Mozambique. Getting to know someone has a way of breaking down barriers and suspicions. It helps to maintain a spirit of love and unity and helps during difficult times when bonds have been formed.

May the Lord continue to bless these congregations and ministers.

—Michael Smith

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