Malawi/Mozambique Mission History

Malawi/Mozambique Mission Overview

In the early 1990's Bro. Failos Namaozongo, of Southern Malawi, found a tract that had been printed at the Faith Publishing House. He contacted Bro. Wayne Murphey and they began corresponding in…

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Malawi Contact – Bro. Wayne Murphey

(Faith & Victory : February 1996) (Editors note: The following is part of a letter received from Bro. Failos Namaozongo of Malawi, Central Africa. We have been corresponding with him for about…

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Planned Mission Trip to Malawi 1996

(Faith & Victory : February 1996) As many of our readers may already know, Bros. Bob Sallee and Michael Smith feel a burden to visit the country of Malawi, Africa, during the month of August.…

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Malawi Trip 1996

Malawi Mission Trip Report 1996

(Faith & Victory : September 1996) Dear Saints: We are very thankful for the blessings of the Lord on our recent mission trip to Africa. Several months ago, Bro. Bob Sallee and I received a…

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Second Malawi Trip Planned 1997

(Faith & Victory : July 1997) As our readers will recall, in August of last year, Bro. Bob Sallee and Bro. Michael Smith journeyed to the country of Malawi, Central Africa, to visit the…

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Sis. Karen Gets Malaria

(Faith & Victory : September 1997) It was inspiring to meet with so many of the saints this year during the days I spent at the Monark Springs National Camp Meeting. There was grandeur in the way…

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Sis. Karen Sallee's testimony

Sis. Karen Sallee’s Testimony

(Faith & Victory : September 1997) Praise God! The day of miracles is not past. The first part of this year, the Lord started burdening me for mission work in Malawi, Africa. My dad and Bro.…

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Take Courage

Take Courage, Little Christian

(Faith & Victory : September 1997) Take courage, little Christian, though the battle rage on; The victory is yours through the gift of God's son. He was bruised and battered - by His stripes we…

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Malawi Trip 1997

Sallee Mission Trip Report 1997

(Faith & Victory : September 1997) "Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?" Jer. 32:27. "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy…

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Bro. Bob Salee in Africa

Bro. Bob Sallee in Africa 1998

(Faith & Victory : April 1998) We would like to thank all of the saints who have so generously supported the humanitarian relief for the Church of God in Malawi, Central Africa. As of this…

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Bro. Bob

Bro. Bob Sallee Obituary and Report

(Faith & Victory : May 1998) In 1975, Bro. Bob Sallee felt led of the Lord to join the Print Shop in its effort to spread the gospel. During the years he sacrificed much as he labored to…

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History of Malawi Work (1991-1997)

(Faith & Victory : September 1998) In 1991, Bro. Failos Namaozongo, of Malawi, Central Africa, became acquainted with Faith Publishing House through our literature. And as a result he established…

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