Malawi/Mozambique Mission Trips

Every Joint Supplieth

Today we traveled to a congregation in Zomba for Sunday morning service. We were greeted with much hospitality and love. It is always a joy to hear the beautiful singing and special songs by the…

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Business in Malawi

Thursday, August 29, was spent in Blantyre buying the vehicle and getting it registered and insured. Things can take much longer in Africa and lines can be long. The man we were purchasing the…

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Malawi Ministers Meeting: 3

Wednesday was the third and last day of the ministers meeting. We ended at lunch time as many of the ministers will travel for many hours on bicycles over rough roads to reach their homes. The…

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5:30 a.m. Musings

The groups continued to share the meaning of the parables. Many of the ministers have not taught on them. I challenged them to share with their congregations the value and joy of salvation as…

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Malawi Ministers Meeting: 1

There are over 160 in attendance at the ministers meeting (20 are women leaders or local wives).  Many of the ministers are new, hence, one more reason for the need of continual teaching.……

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Malawi Ministers Meeting: 2

The Ministers’ meeting today began with a lesson on the Old and New Covenant. This is one of the quickest most effective ways to bring out many pertinent doctrines in a short amount of time.…

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Malawi Trip 2019

Report 1 I was thankful to arrive safely with all my bags to Johannesburg, South Africa. The following morning, I flew on to Blantyre, Malawi. Leaving home. One of the purposes of this…

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Malawi Trip Report—July 2018

  On my way home from a mission trip to Kenya (read more), I first made a stop Malawi for a few days of meeting with the numerous Church of God congregations in southern Malawi. We chose three…

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Malawi mission trip 2017

Malawi Mission Trip 2017

I was home one week from Nigeria before traveling with my son, Ethan, to Malawi. Our sixteen-hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa was turned around while hours over the Atlantic on two…

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Malawi Ministers’ Fellowship & Mentoring (Mission Trip 2016)

I had the opportunity to make a short visit to Malawi on my way to Kenya in August. I was privileged to be in service on Sunday in the village where our mission efforts began in Africa. The gospel…

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Malawi mission trip 2015

Malawi Mission Trip 2015

The Lord blessed the trip to Malawi this month. I was gone from home 2.5 weeks. The time I was gone was spent in preaching and teaching and hundreds of souls received salvation and spiritual help. I…

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Malawi mission trip 2013

Malawi Mission Trip Report 2013

Zachary and I traveled to Malawi for a week to conduct a ministers meeting and a short general meeting before traveling on to Kenya. Last year, Bro. Failos passed away and there were decisions that…

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