Malawi-Mozambique News Report 2015

malawi news report 2015
January 15, 2015

In Malawi, during the month of November, 1400 copies of The Gospel Truth were printed and distributed in the language of Chichewa.

Please continue to pray for the success of this publication and that God would lead in the writing and translation of the paper. We are greatly blessed to have people burdened to assist with this publication. There is a great need to continue to expand this ministry to get the gospel message to people around the world in their native languages.

Word was received this week of severe flooding in Malawi. I was informed that there are hundreds of Church of God people out of their homes staying in schools due to the severity of the flooding and the weather. Many people have lost their homes. The government is asking for assistance. The president of Malawi declared that nearly 1/3 of the country is in a state of disaster. At this time, 70,000 people have been displaced from their homes.

Many times, the only help people get is from churches and humanitarian organizations. There are 13 saint congregations who are suffering in the affected areas. They are in need of blankets and food. (Malawi seems to be in a constant state of disaster and need. May the Lord help the officials to make lasting changes to help curtail the almost yearly famines etc.).
(Pictures taken by Malawi 24 – an online news organization)

August 1, 2015

Lord willing I will leave Monday, August 3 for Malawi and Mozambique. I will layover for a night in South Africa before resuming my journey. I will return home on August 20. The itinerary is very full of preaching and teaching in multiple places.

Upon arriving, I will meet with the man who translates the Gospel Truth. The next day, I will travel to Mozambique and pick up some of the brethren. We have a few hours of driving over very rough roads and then will begin services that day. Over the next four days, we will have meetings in three locations. They are very far apart and so we will have an afternoon service, sleep, have a morning service, then travel to another location. On August 9 after service, we will travel back to Malawi. Somewhere in this time, we plan to purchase some roofing material to assist the congregations that don’t have a good roof, which is a hindrance during the rainy season.

Once in Malawi, we will travel throughout the next two days to many congregations having one service at each place. It is very meaningful for the people to have services in their locality. On Wednesday we will travel to Zomba and have a two day ‘camp meeting’ with people coming from many of the 50 congregations in Malawi and Mozambique. At the conclusion of that meeting, I leave the brethren and proceed to the the city of Zomba.

I am meeting a group of people that I have never had contact with before. This is a result of connections with another brother here in the United States.  I will spend the next four days with these people. Two days will be filled with teaching the ministers and the next two days in general worship service with the congregations. I pray that God will bless this new endeavor and help there to be receptive hearts to the gospel message.

I could have really used some ministerial support on this trip, but no one else had a direct burden from the Lord at this time.  It was also a very short notice trip. Please pray that the Lord will give strength and fill my mouth with messages from Heaven.

In Christ,

Michael Smith

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