Malawi/Mozambique: September 2020 Update

This month more funds were sent to assist the elderly and disabled in Mozambique who are suffering due to present conditions in the country. The needs are so great it makes it difficult when we help some congregations but not others. Pastors from both Malawi and Mozambique continue to send reports requesting help for the elderly who are suffering in this time. They have also requested Bibles as many of the people do not have them.

Concerning MLDC (Malawi Land Development Project), the cassava is being harvested but it did not do well because of the lack of rain. Secondly, livestock from the neighbors have been damaging the crops during the nighttime. There is a need to build a fence. While a wire fence would be cheaper, there is concern that the wire would be stolen. A brick wall around the compound will be a big expense since it is such a large area. Eventually, when we begin the building projects, there will need to be a good fence put in for the safety and protection of the facility.

We continue to send funds to assist the poor and hungry as donations are received.



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