Malawi Trip Report—July 2018


On my way home from a mission trip to Kenya (read more), I first made a stop Malawi for a few days of meeting with the numerous Church of God congregations in southern Malawi. We chose three central sites to meet for services on consecutive days. Many people from the local congregations in each area came for the services. Even with that arrangement, there were some that walked or biked for two days to be in attendance.

The Spirit of the Lord blessed in a special way and there was wonderful fellowship. Multitudes of people gathered to these services, sitting in the dust under brush arbors to hear the Word of God. The last Sunday there were hundreds and hundreds of people. We passed out treats to just the children and ran out after 400. It was a blessing to see the people’s joy and receptiveness to the whole Word of God being taught. One elderly minister told me, through the translator, following one service: “We are hearing many voices, but the truth you have taught has kept us….” There is no greater joy than to see people you have loved and labored for walking in truth!

As is our annual practice, through donations of the saints, we were able to provide for five congregations to replace the thatched roofs over their chapels with metal sheeting. This helps greatly in the rainy season. In one of the congregations, there is a lady who is a leader among the women and she travels to teach the sisters in various congregations. AMB left funds to purchase her a bicycle to make traveling easier.


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