May Kenya Trip

My wife, Ethan, Vanessa, and I made a short mission trip to Kenya toward the end of April. It was a blessing to be able to once again fellowship with the saints. Much of our time was spent working on orphanage business at Huruma and instigating some repair projects.

A weekend meeting with local congregations was held. The Lord burdened me with very specific spiritual instruction and warnings. The anointing of the Lord made His Word alive, and it accomplished that which the Lord intended. Some had some deep spiritual needs, and the Lord was faithful to expose sin and deal with hearts. We give God praise for His faithfulness and mercy.

It was a blessing to see some of the young people zealous for the things of God. Please pray that God would raise up a spiritual army of young people to take the gospel through the nation. 

I was personally sick some of the time, but the Lord gave me divine strength to continue with the work. One particular service I was very ill, but God gave divine strength to preach under the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit. In prayer with those in need, I experienced, as in the past, an almost transcendent state out of the body as the Spirit of God moved in our midst. There is nothing untoward in this state as in much false Pentecostal religion, but it is an experience where there is an extraordinary outpouring of power in spirit-filled prayer that supersedes the normal petitions of prayer. 

It was a spiritually taxing trip, but it was evident that we were in the place where God wanted us. René, Ethan, and Vanessa had children’s meeting and spent very profitable time with the orphans. We are thankful for God’s protection as many people there had severe cases of malaria.

Bro. Wilson and Bro. Odongo have been faithful ministers for many years, traveling to distant congregations to share the gospel. As their lives have proven their dedication to the Lord, we felt it was time to supply them with motorcycles. With donations from the saints, two motorcycles were purchased to assist them in the gospel work. We have tried to be careful through the years in not quickly doing certain things as it can cause problems and there can be unintended consequences. I have seen through the years ministers who will move from group to group in hopes of material gain, many under the guise of holiness and even under the umbrella of “Church of God.” However, we work with local leadership in these areas to make some of these decisions that can have impact on the gospel work. Our prayer is that these brethren will continue their labor and devotion to the cause of God. We appreciate their lives and humility.

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