Meet Elphas Ombima

Elphas Ombina came to Huruma in 2009 after both parents died. He was in Class 2. He graduated at the top of his class with high honors and he is attending a four year university in Nairobi, Kenya. He has two years remaining to complete his degree. In Kenya when you start attending a college or university you cannot easily transfer after you have begun. If you want to get a bachelor’s degree and you decide to go two years and take a break, when you go back it will require not two, but three more years to achieve your bachelor’s degree. We are thankful Elphas is doing well in his classes and we pray for him to stand firm while he is away.

Prices are high in Nairobi and we looked for ways to cut down Elphas’ expenses for his next term. He told us he would be willing to walk 5 kilometers every day to school from his hostel to save paying the motorcycle to take him. We appreciated his willingness but told him that we will find a way to cover that expense also. Recently, during the pandemic, many colleges turned the students out to take public housing which is an added challenge because they also have to take care of all meals for themselves.

Elphas has a generous sponsor that is covering the cost of his education. Most of the current college students are not so fortunate. The Hope and Service Scholarship was created to help students like Elphas to be able to achieve their dreams. It is our privilege to walk alongside them in their journey.

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