Mission Trip Planned -1983

Africa trip plan


Faith & Victory : December 1982

It was my thoughts to go to India again this year, and I had been saving towards that end, but the Lord has rested me from the trip this year. I would like to return to India again, if the Lord permits.

For perhaps two years I have been corresponding with a young man who has a wife and two children; they live in Ghana, W. Africa. His name is Jim Akwasi Kunadu, Yiadom. I believe he has received literature from the Print Shop; I have also sent him literature on the true Church of God. The man writes good letters; every letter has been on spiritual things, and I surely’ have done the best I know how to instruct him in the truth. He wrote once that they didn’t have a Church of God in Ghana like I write about, but if one ever came to Ghana, he would be a “premium member.”

I wrote to him asking how one (even a woman like myself) would be received in Ghana. (I preferred my brothers to go if a door would be opened; I would even have helped with the ticket.) His answer was, “If you want to come, we will be delighted; you are welcome in our home.” I understand Ghana is quite modern, ­much like the U. S.

With a real burden for souls there, I am planning to go. My flight is scheduled for Jan. 9, 1983. It is now a matter of waiting for my visa to Ghana. It could come through in 8 days, it could come at the last minute, or I could be turned down. Surely God can close the door if it is not His will for me to go. I have made all preparations to go; it is all in His hands. I will have just two weeks on this flight. If it would cost too much more to get the visa extended for my flight home, I will have to settle for the two weeks. I was able to talk with Bro. Lawrence personally about this trip just a few days before he passed to be with the Lord. His words, “May the Lord bless you if you make this trip,” I shall not forget.

I desire the prayers of the saints everywhere. I believe that God wants to plant some righteous seeds in the hearts of precious never-dying souls in Ghana. I desire that my self will be so lost in God till His perfect will be done through me.

Yours for a harvest of souls,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

Visa Received

Faith & Victory : January 1983

Okla.-Dear Bro. Flynn, workers at the Print Shop, and all the saints scattered abroad: Seasons greetings to everyone in the blessed name of Jesus. I’m so glad that He came into the world to save His people from their sins.

Just a few lines to let everyone know that my visa to enter Ghana, West Africa, came through quicker than everyone thought it would. Unless something unforeseen should happen, I am scheduled to fly from Oklahoma City, Jan., 9, 1983, at 2:15 p.m. I should arrive in Accra, Ghana, Jan., 10, at 7:05 p.m. I want everyone to pray for me. So far my missionary ventures have been among people I know, the saints. For the first time I feel I am going “without the gate” in a foreign land. There is a difference.

The door is open wide, and preparations have been made for my coming. It is surely God’s doings, and I count it a real privilege to be an ambassador for Christ to these precious souls for whom Christ died. If the Lord would have me to stay longer than the planned two weeks, I know it will work out to that end.

Yours for a harvest of souls in Ghana,

-Sis. Dorothy Keiser

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