Mother’s Day in Pakistan

We both send many thanks and love for you and all them those are with you in Christ’s love and faith. We pray for all of you! The Lord bless you more every day, In Jesus blessed Name. Amen.

Poor widow mothers felt much joy to attend this wonderful meeting with us. After the blessed Mother’s Day meeting old moms were so much glad to attend this blessed meeting. Praying for this sister to saving her babies, she told that she loss her baby every year. This woman healed miraculously in Jesus name  from asthma. Praying for sick woman and the Lord healed her! Hallelujah!

The poor children of this village were happy to have this tasty rice for lunch. My brother gave a $70 offering to provide food for the mothers and children. The mothers as well as the whole congregation were very inspired by the wonderful ways in which the Lord works! One mother gave her testimony of how last Sunday she had brought her son with a bad allergic reaction on his head. He was healed miraculously after prayer. A sister named Nighet spoke of how she was very sick for 6 months and close to death before she called me at her home and was healed in Jesus’ name. An old woman named Naseem Bibi testified of her son’s healing from a sick kidney and Sister Aksa praised the Lord that He had removed a stone from her gallbladder.

We were invited to some Bricks Kilns’s mothers to encourage them and share love with them in Christ. Sobia made many cards for these mothers to show love of God to them. This was a great day for poor  mothers of this village area. Many mothers have received fresh red flowers and mother’s day cards. We honored the poor and aged mothers at this impoverished village area. We prayed for the Lord’s blessings on these mothers and shared gospel messages. My wife Sobia spoke concerning Proverbs 31:26 with the mothers. Time was also spent in song and prayer.

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