Mozambique — Cyclone Idai

After the initial flooding in Malawi, a cyclone hit Mozambique which borders them to the east. There are church congregations sprinkled down the border of these two countries. This cyclone brought more rain, this time affecting Mozambique as well as Malawi.

March 21

Please continue to pray for the people in Malawi and now also in Mozambique. 11 pastors in Mozambique have reported over 1000 people in the church in Mozambique out of their homes and taking refuge in school buildings. Brother Master is suffering malaria and so other brethren have traveled across the border to assess the situation.

March 23

Cyclone Idai has brought terrible death and destruction to Mozambique. 1200 church families are displaced. The extent of the death toll will not be known until the waters recede. Mozambique is not a democratic country so the chances of government aid are nil for them. We are sending an emergency transfer of $11,000 for them to purchase maize. Above all pray.

April 18

“We are back from Mozambique only the roads were not good but God helped the trip. People there are in a big problem. We helped with food but there are more needs. As the floods took place, people were running without clothes, blankets, plates and many more items. As you know, when flooded, there is no chance for taking something so continue to pray for them now. They are trying to plant again some crops like potato and cassava, but not maize because they have lost so much fertile soil. We bought 650 bags and they are shared between two families. This will only last one week because the population is much higher in Mozambique.” —Master Gustor

Africa Mission will continue to send aid as funds come in to help these flood victims. 500 Malawi families and 1000 Mozambiquan families from Church of God congregations remain in camps waiting on the ground to dry sufficiently for them to begin rebuilding their homes. The government came and gave some of the families in Malawi 1 bag of maize to split between 4 families. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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