Mozambique Food Relief September 2022


Your donations arrived in Mozambique in the past few days. Bro. Master along with the pastor and three other men from Malawi made the long trip to Mozambique. They purchased 800 bags of maize from local distributors/farmers that would also provide the transportation to two different distribution sites. Here is a video of the women singing a song of praise to God for His provision. You can see they have brought bags with them to carry their maize back home. These are people that were affected by the bad flooding last year.

You have eased their suffering and desperation for a few days/weeks and they are so grateful for the blessing of food to feed their families. Please continue to pray that God will also provide in other ways: that the crops would produce, that the government would make good on its promise to relocate people that lived near the river, that God would help people trying to rebuild their destroyed homes.

Some people are staying in school compounds and visitors are not allowed inside to photograph. These are mostly the ones waiting on land. Others have gone back to their property to try to rebuild a life out of very little. Receive their love and gratitude for each bag of maize. Donations may be sent to the Feed the Hungry Fund on our donation page if you wish to assist hungry people around the world. Conditions are worsening rapidly in multiple locations in Africa at this time.


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