Mozambique Hunger Continues

A summary of recent communication from Malawi from Bro. Master. He has been receiving petitions for food for a long time from the people in Mozambique who lost their homes in the floods. They are still living in school block camps. 17 people in just one of the camps have died from lack of food in the camp and four of them were members of the Church of God.

“Hello brother, I hope you are doing fine, here everything is fine only that we received a message that one of our pastors died today in Mozambique due to lack of food. After the floods some families are still struggling for lack of food. I have been receiving lots of reports about their situations but I ignore to send you every time.

Right now about five people have died in the area just only our saints. Tomorrow I am traveling with Brother James and three other church members to the funeral ceremony for our pastor, more reports will come when I back three days coming. We wish to take two bags of maize from our land to the funeral for food because the condition is too bad. Some families have gone back to rebuilding their house but others are still in camps. Lastly pray for the funeral trip we will be in communication after we come back. Thank You.”

“Dear Brother,

We got back yesterday night in God help we traveled by three motorcycles. On my motorcycle I took two bags of maize and the two other motorcycles took Brother James and three others pastors from different congregations. We arrived safe there and we found the ceremony burial still in progress.

The people were thankful for our attending the funeral ceremony. it was so sad that a pastor died because lack of food. He had seven children. With the problem of food in camp he is not able to feed the whole family. I talked to the wife of the dead pastor she said when the husband came with some food he says, “I need to feed my children.” Sometimes if the food is so small he didn’t eat. He went to hospital when they found lacking of food in his body.

The condition of other families is not good either. Like I said, some returned home but others are still waiting to rebuild their houses. There are still big problem lack of food. They said the government gives them maize flour every 4 months. That is a big problem. The Red Cross and other organizations help them with clothes and soap.  Those who have just a little food are those whose were not involved in floods. Only those whose gardens are in the mountain harvested a little bit. All the people depend on religious leaders to help. That’s why every time they ask for help.

The conditions are so bad especially for old people. It is very difficult to get money to buy food because of the price of maize. Right now the prices of maize is 24.000 ($39 USD) per 50 kg bag. That is too much money for a person who is poor and not working. According to our investigation you need to do something immediately because this is the 4th person to die just our saints only. The total dead people the whole camp is about 17 people.

The village headman and some of our pastor thank you for allowing us to go with two bags of maize because there were no food organized for the funeral. Before we depart we visited another camp site when we get same problem there are about 3.000 families but our saints is about 800 families who are still needing food if possible immediately. The pastors there say if Brother Michael is able to come this year, please let him come see the conditions. Please, please, our saints needs food.”

We appreciate all the contributions that have come in in the past for food. When we give a bag of maize it lasts a family of 4-6 for some time but for families with more children, it just doesn’t go far enough. Let us do what we can and pray for God to provide for His trusting children.”

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Checks payable to Africa Mission, P. O. Box 2042, Nixa, MO 65714 MEMO: FEED THE HUNGRY

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