Native’s Experience with Witchcraft

(Faith & Victory : September 1985)

Dear Saints everywhere: I want to write my testimony of how our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ delivered my 12 year-old daughter, Joyce Peprah.

It all started at about 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, June 12, 1985. My daughter complained of a stomach ache. She cried writhing in pain. I lay my hand on her stomach rebuking the pain in Jesus name. It vanished and she slept instantly. When we got up in the morning she complained the pain had come back. I rushed her to the mission house where Madam Keiser, Jim and I prayed for her.

At about 10:15 a.m., the pain came back. It came in an acute stage; she screamed and wrenched her stomach in agony. She yelled, “I can’t survive! This is the end of me! The witches are leaving my intestines; they are going out my right eye. One of the witches is right here in the house.” etc. Her stomach was very hard and her right eye red. She was a pathetic sight.

I assured her that she was not going to die because Jesus was going to deliver her. Just then Madam Keiser appeared on the scene. Both of us laid our hands on her commanding all evil spirits in Jesus name to let go their hold. We rebuked them strongly and she was delivered.

Later on I took her to a quiet place where I could be with her alone. I fed her on the Word of God to strengthen her faith; prayed for her and fasted with her. After two days her hard stomach and swollen eye began to heal. She was completely healed in four days. What a wonderful thing the Lord did for me and my daughter.

I have had many frightening encounters with these “forces of darkness” since I started working for the Lord, but He has always delivered me gloriously. I started my ministration with this prayer,”Lord, open thou my eyes and let me see the wonders of your law.” Psalms 119:18. I have made a strong appeal to Him to give me an insight into the operations of these powers and principalities against whom we wrestle. The Lord God who is ever ready to glorify the name of His holy Son Jesus did listen to my humble prayer.

These witches and wizards, agents of Satan, feel that Christians make it very difficult for them to operate, and so they try in diverse ways to hinder the gospel work, cause confusion and disunity among saints, and spiritually kill where the believer’s faith is weak.

As we, the workers of the Church of God in Ghana embark on serious street meetings, we ask the saints all over the world to pray to God to endue us with His mighty power to cast out these destructive spirits like Paul did in Philippi (Acts 16:16-18).

-John Yaw Peprah

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