Nigeria Field Report July 2017

nigeria field report july 2017
Written by Bro. Fraide Naths-Igbanbio

Greetings to you in the name of our endearing Lord. I want to report to you of the grace God accorded us through Christ in taking the gospel to Abalama community on 26th through 30th April 2017. This took place five days after our arrival from the Ghana trip. I feel so indebted to the Lord and so happy that He enabled me and my wife to go and labour in the field with the brethren.

Over 20 years ago, this town was visited with the gospel by late father Bro. Benson Taylor from Tombia, then accessible by speed boat only. Some of us were with him in the team. Today the accessibility to the town is made easier by road. This made it easier for Port-Harcourt and Tombia to embark on the outreach. Two brethren from Kwale in the persons of Anapuwa and Josiah joined in the work. Earlier, on the 8th to 10th December, 2016, some of us from Port-Harcourt and some brethren from Tombia had joined brethren in Kwale and Ellu congregations for a similar exercise in Ozoro a semi-urban town about 30km from Kwale. It was a fruitful labour with few souls confessing Christ as Lord. The church has started there, though with initial teething problems of a place of worship and somebody answering the call to pastor the flock. But God is taking care of all these issues and the church is gaining ground, giving us great joy. Our joy became greater with the success recorded at Abalama.

The outpouring of the truth was felt and people acknowledged the difference. A number of persons seeking help from God through Jesus Christ came forth all the days of our stay there. Out of the number, three souls were with us on Sunday service. A place was secured for worship on Sundays and other weekly activities.

The church was formally inaugurated on 9th May 2017. A couple stationed near the town is taking charge of the activities of the church ensuring that only the truth we have been taught is maintained in that field. Brethren from Port-Harcourt and Tombia are always fellowshipping with them on Sundays. The Lord is adding more souls. And some who on account of their jobs left Port-Harcourt are returning home to Zion. The song books are distributed in a limited quantity which we shall increase as time goes on. Some pamphlets and Gospel Truth magazines are reprinted and shared to them. Prayers continue to ascend to the Lord to bless the seed planted there and bring increase in these fields. Remember them in your prayers.

In Him,
Bro. F. Naths-Igbanibo

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