Nigeria Mission Trip 1964 – Bro. David Madden

(Faith & Victory : May 1964)

Bro. B. U. Etuk, the native minister of the Church of God Mission in Nigeria, Africa, writes under the date of April 2 of the arrival of Bro. David Madden from Oklahoma on March 28 “to acquaint himself with the work of the Nigerian Church of God.” They all liked him real well, and write that they “wish he could stay on for good to show us the true doctrine which we so much desire.”

Bro. Etuk wrote that he had detailed the Mission’s field secretary, Bro. Friday Frank Ekpo, to serve Bro. Madden as cook and interpreter. Since the secretary was such a busy man right now, he regretted to inform us that we would not be getting the usual reports for March. However, he promised to bring up a longer report at the end of this month.

Bro. David Madden, a young minister, left Tulsa, Oklahoma by plane for Lagos, Nigeria, on March 22, going by way of Amsterdam, Holland and Berlin, Germany. Under date of April 2, Bro. Madden wrote us that the Lord gave him a safe journey, and he was glad that he went. He reported that the people were stirred about the doctrines of the Church of God. He writes: “They question me much about our services and the doctrines we teach. I always refer them to texts of the Bible. Where they are not teaching the same as we, they immediately say, we will teach the truth. They admit that they do not know the doctrine well. The harvest is great here. All have given me a good welcome, and will be very much disappointed if Bro. and Sister Ostis Wilson do not come.”

Bro. Etuk is supervising 12 or 14 other congregations and Bro. Madden had met several of the pastors and evangelists. He wrote: “They are praying men, burdened for the gospel.”

Bro. Madden reported that, on Easter Sunday, over 300 took part in the communion service, and 50 or more sought spiritual help at the altar of prayer. Surely the fields are ripe for the whole truth, even though many denominations are working there to influence the minds and hearts of the people.

Even though the needs are great in that field, Bro, Madden could not remain with them, and he returned to Tulsa on April 12, bringing a good report of the Nigerian work and bright prospects for future expansion.

-Lawrence Pruitt

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